Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass...
It's about learning to dance in the rain.
          ~ Vivian Greene

Welcome Friend,
I am Melody!

Like you, I was buried under a mountain of responsibilities. My life felt out of control. I could never truly enjoy myself, because my task list consumed my mind. My body was constantly tense from stress, I wasn’t getting enough rest, and my digestive system was a complete mess. I needed relief, and soon, because my mental and physical health were being negatively impacted.

I was blessed to learn about supplements and essential oils from Young Living. At first, I doubted they would work, but I decided to add two supplements to my morning routine. With one simple change, I experienced increased energy, I was sleeping full nights, and my digestive system was resetting itself.

I gradually replaced our candles and plug-ins with essential oil diffusers. I then began to switch our health & beauty products, laundry detergent, and household cleaners to non-toxic products from Young Living. I feel confident that I am creating a healthier home environment. We have traded pain with joy, chaos with calm, and frustration with freedom. I want you to experience these things, too!

Fortunately, I’m here to help you know where to begin. I will listen to you and we will walk through your immediate needs and determine your starting point together.

Want me to spill all the tea?

My mission is to shine the light of Jesus  
through compassionate listening, 
caring service, and a positive influence ~ 
to encourage and empower you to nurture 
yourself so you can bless your family with 
a happy & healthy home environment.

Friend, I am here for you!

Have a million questions? I would be happy to answer them for you!

Just need someone to help you order products? I would love to be your person!

No matter where you are in this journey, I am ready to walk alongside you!

Let's do this!

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We all need help sometimes!
It's time to regain control so you can 
enjoy life to the fullest!


I'm here to help you.

Let's work together to determine
how to turn your challenges into celebrations!

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All the buzz...testimonials!

"Melody is enthusiastic and intuitive. 
She is always available to answer our questions and offer suggestions. Her enthusiasm and lifestyle are perfect examples of Young Living’s health benefits.

We love ALL of the oils we have tried and we are “everything Thieves!

We mix Thieves Essential Oil Blend with Lemon Essential Oil for cleaningand Thieves Essential Oil lives in all of our diffusers. Our home feels and smells natural and welcoming!"

~ Barb

"I am grateful Melody introduced me to Young Living and I am thankful for her service. Texts, emails, and phone calls are always answered with an immense amount of care and concern. 

It is reassuring to see her using and believing in these products and the philosophy of Young Living. She truly cares about each and every customer and she works very hard to find 
needed solutions. 

Young Living should be very proud to have her representing their products. She is a gift to them and to her customers."

~ Tammy

"I attended an essential oils class at Melody's. I was familiar and fascinated with the use of oils.

Melody is in constant contact with me. She helped me order as a customer. I'm still debating whether to dive deeper into Young Living as a Brand Partner. Melody makes it looks so incredibly easy.

As a full-time caregiver my time is limited but I can go to her anytime with questions or observations and she responds almost immediately. I know I can count on her to guide me as I learn so many new things about essential oils. I am already hooked on some of the products!

- Colleen

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Bundles to Nurture Yourself
Each bundle provides a 24% wholesale discount!
Ahhhhh! Just let the day melt away!
No guilt, just you and some calming scents
to relieve the tension in your body
and calm your mind.

Turn off your thoughts and slip into 
sweet serenity...wake up feeling 
rested, refreshed, and ready 
to conquer the day!

It feels good to push the stress away!
You can carry tools with you all day to 
keep you at your best through a 
scented escape!

Bundles to Nurture Your Family
Each bundle provides a 24% wholesale discount!
Little Ones
Our littles need toxin-free products, too!
With Kidscents and Seedlings products,
you can rest assured they are getting
premium care without breaking the bank.

Energy Boost
Keeping up with children and grandchildren 
can be exhausting! Get the boost you need from supplements with all-natural ingredients and the a wealth of antioxidants.

School Days
School is hard and brings on all the feels.
The Kidscents line offers supplements
and scents to give kids what they need
to face the day.

Bundles for a Safe Home
Each bundle provides a 24% wholesale discount!
Clean Home
Thieves products provide the non-toxic, 
safe-home environment you are seeking with 
ease. Your house will sparkle and smell so cozy
 your mother-in-law will even be impressed!

Safe Kitchen
Thieves products deliver the easy button
 for non-toxic disinfecting of counters, 
stovetop, floors, dishes, messy hands, 
fruits and veggies, and MORE!

Safe Bathroom
Many chemicals hide in the bath
and shower products we use every day.
Young Living's products are plant-derived,
making them safe for the entire family!

We saved you a seat! 

Everyone is welcome in The Living Room Community!
It doesn't matter if you are completely new to Young Living or whether you are a long-time customer. We have room for you!

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