I could not add hours to my day,

but I learned how to use my time more efficiently!

I will show you ways to fit some coveted “Me” time into your day, 
educate you on toxin-free living, and help you take the first step 
to a healthier home! 

Pull up a chair, the tea is spillin'!

I was running on empty, working and caring for most things at home. My family was the top priority, so I was last. I rushed around each day to pride myself with a perfect home and a healthy family. 

We were five years and 13 doctors into our daughter’s health challenges before I noticed negative impacts to my health. My digestive system was a mess, I wasn’t sleeping well, and my mental state was growing resentful. I was miserable and overwhelmed most days. My eating habits and food choices  were lousy. I wasn’t sure how long I could maintain the pace.

My sister invited me to try essential oils, but I didn’t want "hippy oils." However, I eventually agreed to try a few Young Living products and although pleasantly surprised, I remained skeptical. I had more energy, my focus and efficiency were improved, and my positive mindset had returned, but I needed more proof…could these oils actually work?

I attended a Facebook group class and was devastated by what I learned. Even companies claiming to provide “green” products can knowingly use harmful ingredients? Our daughter was suffering from terrible health issues and our household products could be the cause? I was angry. 

I immediately read the  labels on every product in our home. I was discouraged to find that many products I trusted had been hurting our entire family. I began ditching old products and switching to non-toxic, plant-derived products from Young Living. There would be no more “fragrance” or “synthetic ingredients” in our home.

Within the first six months of ditching and switching out all the things - household cleaners, soaps, laundry detergent, make-up, body washes, lotions, trading candles for diffusers, etc. the entire family felt more lively!

I know this was not a coincidence, because our daughter’s health continues to improve.

I feel blessed and excited to share what I have learned with you! Self care can be as simple as finding the right supplements or oils to support your needs, a quick walk, or some deep breaths during the day. I promise you, I am proof this is true!  

It is my mission to help women like us see the importance of  recharging and refreshing. Just a few moments can make a BIG difference!  When you make self care a priority, genuine love will naturally overflow, making the happy and healthy home you dream of a reality.

Please, skip the mistakes I made and start a clean-living lifestyle today!

I’m an Enneagram 3, blue/green personality, and my superpowers are compassion, honesty, optimism, sincerity, and reliability.

I much prefer a day, evening, or weekend with my hubby over a girls' night out on the town! 

I believe gratitude brings positive change. I prefer to count my blessings rather than dwell on my challenges.

I love a good party, but after an hour 
or two in a group, I’m ready to 
withdrawal for alone time.
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