Lying in the Emergency Room was my wake up call!

The severe GI pain and discomfort I was feeling needed immediate attention. I was prescribed a bland diet and traditional medication. I knew the damaging long-term side effects would come, because I saw it happening to friends. Fortunately,  I was introduced to something safe and effective that positively changed my GI health! I no longer need traditional medications and I only see my GI doc as needed. He was amazed at my progress after only four weeks.

My mission is to help you find safe solutions for your GI challenges, too! Tired of failed traditional one-size-fits-all attempts to soothe your gut discomfort? It’s time to try Young Living essential oils. I know this might sound crazy, because I doubted oils, too!  Experiencing relief due to oils meant I couldn't keep it to myself.  So here I am, sharing with you!

I’m ready to listen to you and offer solutions that will relieve your pain and discomfort, remove your bloating, give you daily regularity, prevent your GERD symptoms and acid reflux, and give you confidence and control. It's time to feel empowered, energized and motivated to start fully living again!

Welcome, friend!

I’m Melody!

I grew up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, so I am a balance of sassy and sweet, gardening and galas, and I am bubbly most days. In my downtime I enjoy curling up on the couch with a cozy blanket and our Cavalier, Axel.

My goal is to listen with compassion, develop  an authentic relationship with you, and provide a space where you can comfortably discuss your GI symptoms without embarrassment. (I get it, I’ve been there! I felt like no one understood and, honestly...potty talk is AWKWARD!)

My  mission is to help you regain your comfort, confidence, ability to rest well, and improve your energy so you can dress up, throw on some heels and go out on the town again!

I’m ready to walk alongside you on this journey (well, maybe not in heels though...)! Let’s go!

Life is too important to miss!

However, I’m guessing you’re checking all these boxes 
    (or at least a few of them)...

  • Your clothes are tight from bloating, and you feel “frumpy,” so it’s easier to stay home in your PJs, right?

  • It’s hard to sit in a chair and socialize because your stomach pain is too distracting to focus, so you would rather just cancel and binge watch Netflix on the couch.

  • Your intestines have been gurgling all day for no reason and, what if there’s only one bathroom and you have a noisy emergency? (I mean, can you say embarrassing!?)

The super frustrating part? You really want to go out, but you feel lousy and know your symptoms will sidetrack you, making it impossible to enjoy yourself. And your family doesn’t understand your symptoms so they won’t be willing to leave when you need to cut out early. Sound all too familiar?

Great news!  You don’t have to miss out anymore! I can help you. Are you ready to share your story with me? To enjoy the entire event? To work more efficiently because you are feeling better? Let's find your solution!

Why do you care about helping MEMelody?

I’m glad you asked!

After suffering  from Gastro-intestinal challenges myself and watching our daughter struggle with major health issues, I feel your pain (well, hypothetically speaking!).

While I am grateful for our doctors and the medications that were prescribed to help us, those same medications had ingredients that created other issues and could eventually give us side effects we didn’t want...a damaged liver, damaged kidneys, heart issues, etc.  I knew there had to be a better treatment for our symptoms.

Thankfully, my sister introduced me to Young Living. I was very skeptical at first, because I didn't know anything about essential oils, how they work, or how they are made. She very patiently educated me, answered my questions, and waited for me to try a few products. I researched Young Living and quickly realized this company is built on great integrity and safe, quality products.

I purchased a Premium Starter Bundle and immediately began sharing my experience with friends, because I just could not keep this experience to myself! I learned that GI challenges are much more common than we thought and many of our friends are suffering. 

By welcoming Young Living's oils, supplements, skin care, make up, and hygiene items into my daily routine, I have been able to enjoy life more fully. Now I can't imagine living without them and I enjoy educating others. I would be SO EXCITED to talk with you, listen to your story and walk alongside you!

So here I am, truly wanting to help you so you don't have to suffer anymore. Nothing makes me happier than seeing people experience the life-giving changes to their health from Young Living products. When I’m researching ways to meet my clients needs, I am in my happy place! My passion would be for everyone I know to use these oils and products.

I'm thankful for this awesome wellness community where lives are changed and positivity thrives! Whether you would like to learn more about the products or the business opportunity, I am here for you.

So get comfy, stay here as long as you'd like, learn as much as you want...and reach out to me with any questions you may have! I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you visit again soon!

Are you ready to find your happy place?

I'm Spillin' the Tea!

I’m an Enneagram 3 and my superpowers are emotion, optimism and always working to improve myself!

I'm extremely task oriented, but enjoy heart-to-heart talks.

I am strong and independent, yet will cry at the drop of a hat out of compassion for others!

My favorite holiday...

I love the decorations, twinkling lights, friendly encounters with strangers, and yes, the food!

Simple pleasures I cannot live without...

Cozy blankets, dark roast coffee, hair ties, seafood, and my glasses!

On the weekends I'm...

The passenger on my hubby's Harley Davidson (spring through fall)
curling up on the couch with hubby for a good action flick (winter).

My core values...

Faith, Honesty, Integrity, Positivity, Authenticity, Respectful, 

Something people don't 
typically know about me...

While I enjoy being social and hosting events, I'm actually an introvert!
 After a being in a big crowd, it takes alone time to revitalize me!

My travel bucket list...
The many states in the U.S. I haven't seen yet!

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You are welcome here! We are saving you a spot!

I share warm smiles everywhere I go. I want people to know I see them because it spreads love, positivity, and creates self worth in others. Yes, I’m that girl who starts conversations with strangers at the grocery store!

When we work together, you’ll see that everyone is welcome here. My community is saving a place for you and I can’t wait to welcome you into our family.

I’m here to claim your comfort, confidence, ability to rest well, and to improve your energy so you can enjoy life to the fullest! Together, we will face and tackle your GI challenges and bring your sparkle back!

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